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Arrest of "Incense Bandit" announced at HBA safety forum

SAN DIEGO -- At the Hillcrest Business Association (HBA) member Open House on Feb. 29, the focus was on public safety. The workshop, hosted by Luna Grill at 350 University Ave., was partly in response to crimes that have recently occurred in Uptown, including several robberies attributed to the “Incense Bandit.”

Police gave the perpetrator the name because it was reported he asked to purchase incense before robbing Cathedral, a boutique store at 435 University Ave., on Jan. 7. At the Feb. 29 meeting, San Diego Police Department Community Relations Officer Dave Whitfield announced the robber known as the incense bandit had been apprehended on Feb. 24.

“What’s going to happen now is the detectives will put everything together, now that they have him in custody,” Whitfield said. “From there, what they’ll do is submit that to the District Attorney.” The officer said the suspect had yet to be formally charged and that he was suspected in six to eight robberies in Uptown.

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