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The Rev. Albert Ogle: Reaching out across the globe

(Editor's note: The Rev. Canon Albert Ogle is a regular contributor to San Diego Gay & Lesbian News. Ogle's popular new column, RGOD2, which is published on Fridays, brings an important LGBT voice to discussions on issues of faith and religion at a time when the Religious Right is demonizing our community in the United States and across the globe.)

SAN DIEGO -- Like many, the Rev. Canon Albert Ogle dreams of a day when there truly will be LGBT equality, not only in the Greater San Diego area, but across the globe. In recent years, he has been focusing on some of the most persecuted corners of the world through a 17-month-old local organization.

Since its founding in September 2010, St. Paul’s Foundation for International Reconciliation has been placing special emphasis on Uganda by supporting Christopher Senyonjo, a bishop and gay rights activist in the country.

An estimated 80 countries — more than half of them former British colonies — currently criminalize homosexuality. Uganda is among those countries.

The international lens on the issue has hit close to home. Ogle and other organizers have put their muscle behind Joseph Bukombe, a San Diego resident and Ugandan native who faces the prospect of deportation back to his home country. Bukombe, a gay man, recently ended a two-year sentence at the Otay Mesa Federal Detention Facility where he faced deportation. If he does return to Uganda, his life could be put in jeopardy because of his sexuality.

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