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San Diego activist Allan Spyere released from immigration detention

SAN DIEGO – Allan Spyere, the San Diego activist who was detained earlier this month and faces deportation to his homeland of Brazil, has been released from immigration detention.

The San Diego County Sheriff’s Department inmate look-up system no longer lists Spyere as being in custody.

Spyere declined to speak to San Diego Gay & Lesbian News at the advice of his attorney, who has clamped down on media requests since his client was arrested on the morning of the Super Bowl. Spyere's husband, whom he is divorcing, and his current boyfriend also declined to speak to SDGLN, citing the attorney's request.

Spyere was arrested just before 4 am on Sunday, Feb. 5, after being pulled over by a San Diego police officer for failing to signal while making a left turn, according to Police Department records. Spyere was charged with a DUI. Upon booking, authorities learned that Spyere's J1 student visa had expired and Spyere was turned over to Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE), according to public records.

Immediately following Spyere’s booking into the Facility 8 Detention Facility, a medium-security jail in Otay Mesy, friends rallied to garner support for his release. The former Imperial Court emperor faced a deportation hearing on Feb. 16, the results of which allowed Spyere to post bail.

Nicole Murray-Ramirez shared the news of Spyere's release in his column today in LGBT Weekly:

“Yes, Allan Spyere is back in San Diego and, yes, he has high profile attorneys, and yes, we called our contacts with the state department, etc, etc. ... What was one of the first things Spyere did when he got out? Continue with Imperial Court's monthly visits to senior convalescent hospitals to spend time with shut-in seniors."

Last week, a petition in support of Spyere’s release was created on Change.org by a friend but was canceled two days before the hearing at the advice of Spyere’s attorney.

The first sign of Spyere’s release was a post on his Facebook wall on Feb. 16 from Martin Rooney:

“Welcome home Allan Spyere.”

Shortly after, a few other friends posted Facebook messages, as well:

Omar Guido Chavez, Feb. 18: “I am happy to know that you are out and I am hoping that everything will be ok because you are a great person. God blessed you always and count on me if you need me.”

Tony Topak Patrick, Feb. 18: “Yay! Hope you are doing great!”

Spyere has not made any visible posts of his own on his Facebook page since his release.

San Diego Gay & Lesbian News will provide additional information on this case as it becomes available.