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Hillcrest Town Council endorses pride flag project

SAN DIEGO -- The Hillcrest Pride Flag project continues to gain momentum in the community, as the Hillcrest Town Council (HTC) voted on a motion to endorse the project at its meeting Tuesday night.

Community members who are working on developing the project envision a 65-foot pole in the median in the center of Normal Street at University Avenue. The pole will fly a large rainbow flag year-round. The Hillcrest Business Association (HBA) and San Diego LGBT Pride have agreed to ensure that the flag is insured and maintained regularly.

The project will be funded entirely by private donations, with nearly $25,000 already promised, including monies raised from private donations and fundraisers like the Amazing High Heel Race.

Benjamin Nicholls, executive director of HBA, gave a presentation to the group about the project, which was followed by a motion to support the project made by Hillcrest resident Sean Sala.

HTC voted 13-4, with two abstentions, in favor of the project.

The Hillcrest Town Council is a residents group that meets monthly to provide a forum for those living in the community to voice their concerns about neighborhood issues. Those working on the Hillcrest Pride Flag project will use the endorsements made by groups like HTC to further its case for support.

After being approved by the Uptown Planners last week, the project will go before the City of San Diego Planning Commission before a vote is taken by the City Council.

For more information about the Hillcrest Pride Flag project, click HERE.