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Hi-Def Dish: Jim Morrison is unapologetic about “gay agenda” on political analysis show

“This is war, and we must be armed with the facts.” - Jim Morrison, pundit

Jim Morrison’s fired up, and the here! TV offering, “For And Against,” is a perfect venue to fan the flames of the "gay agenda."

Jim took a few minutes from a well-deserved break in Portland, Ore., to discuss the new 30-minute political analysis series, which airs every other Friday online.

“I’m so excited about this. There just aren’t a lot of LGBT political shows out there,” he said.

“We get a candidate on a mainstream political show. They get one question thrown at them, usually about marriage equality, and we get a complete non-answer. And sometimes it’s worse than a non-answer. Sometimes it’s that whole bulls**t story about ‘choice’ and ‘lifestyle,’ which to all of us, or at least those of us who are informed, which sadly is the other reason for the show, because not enough of us are informed, those 'choice' and 'lifestyle' words are fighting words.”

That’s just the way Jim expresses himself, both on the program and in a phone interview. He’s a machine gun of words and ideas. Each sentence a fully loaded clip of facts, opinion and observations, fired by a guy who’s obviously had it with complacency and duplicity, in both the straight and the gay communities.

But interestingly and early on in the interview, Morrison takes on and defines the core meaning of what it is to be a liberal: to exercise an open mind.

“‘For And Against’ is not a show that’s necessarily about, I’m right, and I’m going to fight for what I think I’m right about ideologically, but I’m open to be proven wrong,” he said.

“Josh Rosenzwieg, my producer agrees. He said, ‘That’s what we want the show to be. We know we’re going to have to reign you in and we know you’re going to want to rant about things constantly.’”

This will be Morrison’s challenge. It will be difficult for him to “reign it in,” and proving him wrong may prove to be equally challenging.

Jim's Morrison's background

Morrison is a litigator in real life, and both his parents practice law. It’s in his blood to question and debate, and to win. Morrison is not going to be an easy target, and he wants to pass that on to the rest of the community.

He recognizes power in numbers.

“Even on a systemic, political level, whatever the numbers are, we’re 10% of the population, 9%, maybe we’re 15% of the population. That is huge as a political force,” Morrison said.

“The way American politics works is in groups, let’s say the AARP, an amazingly successful group. They walk into a policy-maker’s office and say, ‘This is what we want, and this is what we deserve. If you don’t do it for us, this is our newsletter that goes out to 8 million seniors, aka voters, in Arizona and Florida.’ And what happens? S**t gets done!”

Even so, Morrison had mostly good to say about the home state.

“I actually love Arizona. I go there all the time. My best friend’s family is from Phoenix. But I do think one of the saddest moments in the Obama Administration is when [Janet] Napolitano was yanked out of Arizona. What was left? You got [Jan] Brewer out of it!

“She (Napolitano) was doing far more important work in Arizona. Homeland security is a bulls**t agency to begin with. She left constitutional, immigration, citizenship issues and the whole clean elections issue … that’s how Napolitano was elected, by small donations and matching funds. Arizona was lucky to have that. Her going national was great for her career, but it was a loss to all of us because of what Arizona lost.”

The male version of Rachel Maddow?

The view on "For And Against” view is national, and Morrison’s focus always loops back to the LGBT community. His closest peer would have to be Rachel Maddow, but unlike Maddow, Morrison’s a step beyond just being open about his sexual orientation. He’s made his, and our sexual orientation, the prime directive.

It could be argued that Rome’s burning as the LGBT community waits politely for social conservatives and their ilk to fade away. That ain’t gonna happen anytime soon, and the sad truth is, the LGBT community desperately needs voices that are just as loud and insistent to balance the scales.

The other side’s proven that scare tactics, name-calling and bombastic rhetoric work. Let’s hope a firmly worded, intelligent message based in fact and common sense can be equally effective. With any luck, “For And Against” will be heard above the din of crazies who’d like us to just fade away.

Kurt Niece is a freelance journalist from Tucson, Ariz., and author of "The Breath of Rapture." He writes about television for Echo Magazine in Phoenix and SDGLN. He is also an artist who sells his work on his website.