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New website helps monitor neighborhood crime in San Diego

SAN DIEGO -- A new website that monitors criminal activity, including incidents of burglary, motor vehicle theft and reported drug use, is now active in San Diego and the Uptown communities. CrimeMapping.com is designed to help residents protect themselves and their property as well as encourage accurate reporting of suspicious incidents to police.

The San Diego-based Omega Group developed CrimeMapping.com. Omega Group President Milan Mueller said, “Sharing crime data with the local citizens helps foster safer communities and let[s] people make informed decisions about their current and potential neighborhoods.”
The statistics and crimes reported on the website are provided by the San Diego Police Department.

San Diego Police Community Relations Officer Jenny Hall said she is happy with the new technology as a part of crime reporting.

“In today’s busy society, we are relying more and more on electronic communication; however, the vigilant, involved members of the community are irreplaceable,” Hall said. “This website provides the community information on crime statistics in a timely matter, which can quickly be disseminated. CrimeMapping.com is an integral part of the future of Neighborhood Watch, but it will never replace the human factor.”

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