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How did Councilmember Todd Gloria spend his discretionary city funds?

SAN DIEGO -- Three facilities in City Council District 3 will see improvements thanks to an influx in funding allocated to them through the city's Community Projects, Programs and Services (CPPS) funds.

District 3 Councilmember Todd Gloria approved the allocation of more than $34,000, which will benefit the Balboa Park Activity Center, and the Adams Avenue and Golden Hill recreation centers.

As a result of the funds, the Park and Recreation Department will be able to provide hourly staffing for the restoration of 30 additional hours of operation per month at the Balboa Park Activity Center through June 30. The center had been closed on Sundays but will now open seven days a week.

At the recreation centers, a new marquee will be installed at Adams Avenue, and the basketball and volleyball courts at Golden Hill will be repaired and resurfaced. These improvements are expected to be completed by the end of June.

“I am excited to help bring these positive changes to Council District Three,” Gloria said. “Adding hours to the Balboa Park Activity Center will help serve more San Diegans, and the marquee and court resurfacing will also benefit users of two neighborhood parks.”

Recently, $45,000 in CPPS funds were allocated from seven council offices to keep a storage facility for homeless people's belongings open through June 30.

Gloria's previously CPPS funding allocations include:

- $8,694 to help sustain restored hours at the City Heights/Weingart Branch Library and Performance Annex and the Mid-City Gymnasium. Along with grants of $42,430 from the Price Family Charitable Fund, this contribution allowed the library to be open on Sundays through June 2012 and the gym to be open for Sundays in the summer of 2011.

- $1,000 to help purchase and install sod and seed at Grape Street Park. These funds were matched by funds raised by the Dog Owners of Grape Street.

- $2,400 toward the purchase of manual beach wheelchairs to increase disabled access to City beaches.

- $10,000 for renovations to Fire Station 14 in North Park.

CPPS funds are the result of budgetary savings in each council office. The number fluctuates annually based on savings generated by each office.