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Called anti-gay slurs and humiliated by police, Ohio couple files federal lawsuit

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- A gay couple has filed a civil lawsuit in U.S. District Court against several officers from the Cleveland Police Department, alleging several officers of the department violated the couple’s constitutional rights stemming from an arrest last April.

In court documents filed by the couple's attorney -- nationally-recognized civil rights attorney David Malik -- Jonathan Simcox and his partner, Steven Ondo, claim they were subjected to “excessive force and undisguised prejudice,” because of their sexual orientation.

Simcox and Ondo alledge they were subjected to derogatory name-calling and then hauled off to jail in their underwear, despite repeated requests to change clothes.

The lawsuit also states that the men were ordered to stand outside in their front lawn for 5-10 minutes while they were publicly humiliated.

“We were called fa**ots a lot by police, and I consider that a fighting word.” His partner added; “It was more humiliating than I can even explain to you," Simcox told WJW-TV.

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