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Carl DeMaio releases plan to create jobs in San Diego

SAN DIEGO – As part of an initiative he hopes will provide job growth in San Diego, City Councilmember Carl DeMaio today released an 86-page plan called "Pathway to Prosperity Job Creation Plan" which spells out 112 ideas that he says will streamline city regulations and launch a number of initiatives to create and keep jobs in America's Finest City.

The councilmember and mayoral candidate has been hosting "Job Creation Summits" around the city over the last few months, culminating in the release of this plan.

"We need to get San Diegans back to work – and this plan will make San Diego the leader in innovation, entrepreneurship and job creation,” DeMaio said. “We must start by making significant changes in the culture and processes at City Hall to foster job creation, and then follow that up by aggressively marketing San Diego to businesses and consumers across the nation and the world.”

In the plan, DeMaio spells out ways that he believes will cut mountains of red tape across city departments, while proposing a complete overhaul of the city’s permitting process. DeMaio also proposes “fixed price, time guaranteed” permitting – with a money back commitment if the city drops the ball.

In addition to making the existing regulations simpler, DeMaio proposes to offer businesses additional regulatory relief and tax/fee reductions – but only if those businesses enter into a “Performance Contract” that holds them accountable for job creation goals.

DeMaio’s plan also offers targeted initiatives for Bio-Tech, High-Tech, Clean-Tech, Tourism, Housing and Defense sectors – and several proposals for improving workforce development and training.

“I want San Diego to be known not just for good weather, but for being the ‘perfect climate for business,’ ” DeMaio concluded, referring to a proposed marketing campaign included in the Pathway to Prosperity.

As part of the plan release, DeMaio also offered a list of ways that his plan will create jobs:

- “Job Creation Performance Contracts” required of all businesses seeking regulatory relief

- Reduce taxes and fees on small businesses

- Replace redevelopment agencies with “Neighborhood Investment Collaboratives”

- Consolidate city business programs in an “Economic Services Department”

- Create “Innovation Labs” to cut red tape at City Hall

- Create a Deputy Mayor for Job Creation

- Provide fixed pricing/time guarantees on all city permits

- Hold a “World Innovation Expo" to celebrate Balboa Park’s Centennial

- Create “Work-Study San Diego” program to attract workers technology skills

- Adopt integrated branding and marketing initiative to promote San Diego as “The Perfect Climate for Business”

Pathway to Prosperity

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