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Anti-gay, anti-Obama lawyer pushing initiative in Washington opposing marriage equality

OLYMPIA, Wash. – The Washington state legislature won’t take up the marriage equality bill until Jan. 23, which observers say has a good chance of passage, but anti-gay forces are already on the attack.

Everett attorney Stephen Pidgeon, who is well-known in the state for opposing gay rights, has filed an initiative that would define marriage as between one man and one woman.

Pidgeon has until July to gather 240,000 valid signatures to get the initiative on the November ballot.

Meanwhile, Pidgeon is using the attention to promote his bid for state Attorney General.

Pidgeon, 57, is a Republican conservative who was the lead counsel on Washington’s Referendum 71, which asked voters in 2009 to approve or reject domestic partnerships that had been approved by the legislature. Voters affirmed the legislature’s decision by a 53.15% to 46.85% margin.

According to Google searches, Pidgeon is another one of those anti-Obama “birther” conspiracy folks and is pitching his book claiming that he has found evidence that Obama changed his name in British Columbia in 1982. Pidgeon has also spoken at Tea Party rallies