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1984 Hillcrest sign to be auctioned

SAN DIEGO -- At the Hillcrest Business Association (HBA) board of directors 
meeting on Dec. 13, the board unanimously voted to auction off the 1984 Hillcrest sign.

The 1984 sign, which was replaced by the current sign in August 2011, will be auctioned off in early 2012. The board approved the auction with two conditions, according to a news release. “The
 first being that once ownership is procured the sign must be displayed in Hillcrest and that, secondly, new ownership must provide transportation from the sign’s current location to its new location,” according to the statement.

In September 2011, the HBA sent out a public request for ownership proposals for the sign and received three: the Obelisk Shoppe, Rich’s San Diego, and a joint application between Winn’s Barbershop and Urban Mo’s Bar and Grill. All three are located in Hillcrest. The sign was originally going to be donated to the business the HBA decided had the best proposal. Now, the proceeds from the auction will go to the HBA’s Capital Projects Fund, which pays for beautifications projects in Hillcrest.

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