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A Victorious Day for Historic Preservation in Uptown

San Diego’s Historic Resource Board (HRB) held a very long monthly meeting Friday afternoon that included decisions regarding three important Uptown properties under review for demolition or historic designation.

Outing Age 2010 Highlights Challenges Facing Millions of Aging LGBT People

Currently there are an estimated 3 million LGBT elders in the United States. By 2030, that number will nearly double. Yet, as Outing Age 2010 shows, there is virtually no government-sponsored research on aging that includes sexual orientation or gender identity variables

State Auditor Launches New Website for Citizens Redistricting Commission

Yesterday, the California State Auditor introduced WeDrawTheLines.ca.gov as the official source for all information and questions pertaining to the independent Citizens Redistricting Commission (Commission). California voters authorized the creation of the Commission when they passed Proposition 11—also known as the Voters FIRST Act—last year.

New Hampshire Radio Host Calls Democrat "Faggot"

A political controversy began on Saturday, November 14 in New Hampshire, when radio host Doug Lambert went on anti-gay tirade at the conclusion of his morning program. Lambert and co-host Skip Murphy were in the process of wrapping things up when Lambert verbally attacked openly gay New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Raymond Buckley.