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TODAY: "Occu-pie San Diego" to give thanks, saying everyone deserves a "fair share of the pie"

SAN DIEGO -- On the Monday before Thanksgiving, multi-faith leaders from San Diego County will hold a short service of peace, nonviolence, gratitude, thanks and sharing as part of the Occupy San Diego movement.

The event, dubbed "Occu-pie San Diego-Everyone deserves a fair share of the pie," will be from 5:30 to 7 pm Monday, Nov. 21, at Civic Center Plaza downtown.

Supporters and friends of Occupy San Diego are invited to bring pies of all sorts (chicken, turkey, tofu, pumpkin, peach, apple) to share together in gratitude for those holding the space at the local Occupation site at the Civic Center Plaza and to give thanks for all those lifting up the issues of fairness, compassion and equality being shared by this movement.

Mostly, it is a day of gratitude for what San Diego already has, including each other. Please bring the whole pie, perhaps equally pre-cut, to this multi-faith event. Paper plates, napkins, and forks will be provided.

Recently there have been accounts of people not being allowed in with food to feed the Occupiers protesting at Civic Center. Organizers said they were told by the police sergeant in charge of permits that a permit is not needed because as clergy and people of faith, it was within our first amendment rights to come and speak, even with pies. If the police does not let supporters and friends in, they will find a nice corner nearby, according to one of the organizers, the Rev. David Miller of Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of San Dieguito in Solana Beach.

Those interested in learning more about the Occupy movement are invited to join "Occu-pie" tonight.