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Occupy San Diego joins national day of action

SAN DIEGO -- Occupy San Diego and its allies, including MoveOn, will join today's national day of action by "occupying" Clairemont Drive temporarily to tell Congressman Brian Bilbray to "fix this bridge."

The Occupy supporters will meet at 4 pm today at 2688 E. Mission Bay Drive in Mission Bay Park in San Diego and march to the bridge crossing over Interstate 5 at Clairemont Drive and Morena Boulevard.

Organizers say the bridge, built in 1968, is structurally deficient and has a surface rating of 2 out of 10. Any rating 4 or lower is deemed deficient. They say 30,500 vehicles drive over the bridge every day and it need to be repaired now.

Occupy San Diego supporters urge passage of the American Jobs Act, which includes a plan to fix roads and bridges nationwide at a time when job creation is considered a top priority among Americans, according to polling.

Supporters of Occupy San Diego include a number of LGBT groups, including Canvass For A Cause and the San Diego Alliance for Marriage Equality (SAME).