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VIDEOS: Steve Hasley headlines Laugh Out Proud Comedy Show on Nov. 10

SAN DIEGO -- Funnyman Steve Hasley takes the stage at Martinis Above Fourth on Thursday, Nov. 10, for the latest installment of the Laugh Out Proud Comedy Show series.

Hasley’s brand of slightly raunchy, self-deprecating comedy is refreshingly honest and the kind of humor that your grandmother would probably frown upon.

He got his start acting in New York and has appeared on the shows, “How I Met Your Mother,” “Will and Grace,” “Boston Legal,” “Six Feet Under” and “Nip/Tuck.” He can often be found at the Hollywood Improv, The Laugh Factory or the Los Angeles Comedy Store, but his usual haunts are Akbar for their “Drunk On Stage” series or at Hamburger Mary’s in West Hollywood.

Dabbling in acting before venturing into the comedic realm wasn’t a huge transition for Hasley, but one that did require perfection in timing and delivery.

“Comedy is really fun to be a part of the process but it’s really hard,” Hasley said. “Drama I love because I love accessing that part of myself. ‘Will and Grace’ was great to do and I did it twice, but you need to nail it and be right on top of it, you can’t hesitate for a moment.”

Almost every comedian is a little harder on themselves than the audience will ever be, but Hasley doesn’t hold back. He lays it all out there for the crowd and takes a jab at himself before anyone else has even considered that as an option.

“I don’t pick on the audience, I will use an audience and get ideas from an audience, but I’m more self-deprecating than I am audience bashing only because I’m terrified they’re going to hate me,” Hasley said, laughing. “Which I guess is like every gay boy in the world, but I’m just so afraid that they’re going to say ‘You suck,’ so if I beat them to the punch line and say ‘Yes I suck, and I suck really well,’ then I feel sort of like I win.”

Hasley has been picking up steam in his comedic ventures lately and has a wide array of shows he’s performing at in the upcoming months.

“Right now it’s just comedy, comedy, comedy, which is great, I seem to be on a really good run,” he said. “Before I do the Laugh Out Proud show, I’m doing a California Naked Men’s Gathering Association, so it’s going to be 350 naked men and 45 minutes of my show, so that should be fun. And I’ve got a bunch of stuff in Boston coming up and some stuff in P-Town too.”

The details

The Laugh Out Proud comedy night is at Martinis Above Fourth at 8 pm Thursday, Nov. 10. The show features local LGBT comedians Lauren Holiday, Sarah Burford and Sean Wherley, local allied comic Chase Brockett and Los Angeles-based LGBT comic Steve Hasley as the headliner.

“This is the only show in San Diego that is geared towards the LGBT community, in an LGBT bar, produced by LGBT comedians, so it’s kind of this perfect nexus of support and understanding and fun,” said Sean Wherley, co-producer of the show. “That’s what we’re trying to create at each show.”

The Laugh Out Proud Comedy Show is free and open to ages 21 and older. Since seating is first-come, first-serve, it’s usually a good idea to make dinner reservations and have your spot picked out and your belly full of food before you’re in stiches. For dinner reservations, call (619) 400-4500 or visit HERE.

Videos are for grown-ups

These videos contain profanity and adult subjects, so be forewarned.