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Man, 20, arrested in strangulation in Mexico of flight attendant from Phoenix

MEXICO CITY – A 20-year-old man has been arrested in Mexico’s capitol in connection with the strangulation death of a U.S. Airways flight attendant from Phoenix, media are reporting.

Nick Aaronson, 27, was found on the floor of his room about 6 am Saturday at the five-star Hilton hotel. Various media have reported that Aaronson was strangled with his own belt and that his hands were tied behind his back.

Jose Luis Ramirez, aka “The Shadow,” was seen on hotel security video entering the hotel with Aaronson, who signed him in as a guest. The two had met at a bar in Mexico City’s historical center, and that’s where police found Ramirez after the murder.

Police said Ramirez admitted to entering the hotel room and beating the victim, Reuters reported. The wire service said Ramirez shaved his head afterward in an attempt to disguise his appearance.

Ramirez, who has a criminal record, is accused to stealing Aaronson’s money, iPhone and other items from the flight attendant’s luggage.

The victim’s mother, Anita Aaronson of West Covina, California, is devastated and is pouring out her grief on her Facebook page.

"I can't stop thinking about my boy, he died in such an awful way, I keep thinking of his pain and fear," she wrote.

"My beautiful boy I can't stop crying I want him back."

Jason Aaronson flew to Mexico City on Monday to escort his brother’s body back to Phoenix. A memorial service is planned from noon to 2 pm Thursday, Nov. 10, at the Terminal 4 Airport Chapel at Phoenix Sky Harbor airport.

The flight attendant’s death has shaken his fellow workers at U.S. Airways.

“It’s tragic … his loss is a heavy loss for all of us,” said Deborah Volopeck, president of the Association of
Flight Attendants (AFA) Council 66 — a union which represents U.S. Airways employees.