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West Hollywood grows nervous after three gay bashings reported

WEST HOLLYWOOD, Calif. -- Three young gay men in West Hollywood have reported three separate gay bashing incidents to police between Oct. 18 and 22, according to bloggers in Los Angeles.

On Oct. 18, bar patron Bill Mandrick said he was "brutally attacked and robbed" after leaving Mother Lode and reported his assailant used homophobic slurs during the incident that took place near the intersection of Santa Monica Boulevard and Robertson.

On Oct. 19, Kasey Mahaffy was leaving a convenience store at Fountain and Laurel around 7:15 pm when he was confronted by four "Abercrombie-clad frat boys." He was able to get out of that scene and walked home, only to be attacked by a man wearing a black hood. Mahaffy says he was punched at least 13 times by his assailant.

On Oct. 22, Kyan Loredo, who works at Micky's, said he was jumped and robbed about 7 pm.

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