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Activist in Belarus says he was fired for being gay

(Editor's note: This article published by gayby.net in Belarus and was submitted for publication on SDGLN.)

Alexander Poluyan, the gay activist in Belarus and the editor of Belarusian gay-lesbi portal GAYBY.NET, has been suggested to leave by mutual agreement the company where he has been working as an manager in the department of corporate communications (CORA).

Alexander Poluyan started to work at the company British-American Tobacco in Belarus since this August. Last Tuesday, he was invited by the chief of the department and was suggested to write a discharge letter with his own hand.

The reason is banal – "we can't worked in command".

As Alexander says, his dismissal is connected with his untraditional orientation, and this information became known to his head.

« There weren’t any reasons for dismissal connected with failure to carry out the duties. And I’ve never concealed my sexual orientation, but I also do not speak about it till somebody ask» - Alexander says.

« The only explanation of this fact was that my chief had found out I AM a gay and I conduct active work in LGBT-LIFE of the country. I have been made certain of it today, having had a talk with other employees of the company», Alexander added.

« The offer to write a discharge letter was a big surprise for me as well as a true reason for this request. British-American Tobacco is a big international corporation that works in many countries of the world, including those countries where there isn’t strong homophobia towards unisex relations, gays and lesbians. There is even the internal LGBT-group in the company in Belarus, therefore such relation to the employees who are gays is humiliating for the company».

« Having 8-year working experience, I’ve never faced a similar problem. My colleagues and friends have always known and know that I’m a gay, I live with my guy and that I am engaged in LGBT-activity. This case shows real position of homosexuals in the country where even employees of the international company, widely declaring about nondiscrimination on any basis, can't accept a homosexual in the command. What should be said about conditions gays and lesbians are who work at public establishments?!» - Alexander asks.

« Many people ask us what kind of homophobia we have in our country?» «What are the oppressions of gays and lesbians?» Once again I felt this situation and I can share personal experience», - Alexander adds.

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