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BREAKING NEWS: Hillcrest "jumper" is medical marijuana activist

SAN DIEGO -- A man is threatening to jump off the University St bridge that crosses Highway 163.

The man, standing on the outside ledge with a water bottle and dressed in black from head to toe, with dark sunglasses and a derby on his head, is talking to San Diego Police negotiators after first being on the phone with Channel 10 News.

According to KGTV 10, negotiators asked them to disconnect the line so they could speak to him directly.

The man has identified himself as a medical marijuana activist who is upset with District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis' stance on medical marijuana. He identified three demands and said she only had to meet two of them.

Police have blocked University between 10th and 9th streets and 163 Northbound at the 5 freeway exit ramp connectors, as well as Southbound -- the side the man is standing on -- at the 8 freeway connection.

Traffic is snarled in all directions as commuters try to get home on a late Friday afternoon during the early stages of rush hour.

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