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Dozens arrested after clashes at Equality March in Moscow

MOSCOW -- Russia's leading gay-rights activist Nikolai Alekseev, the head of GayRussia, is reporting today that dozens of people have been arrested following clashes at the Equality March in Moscow today.

Here is what he wrote on Facebook:

Moscow Police dispersed Equality March in the downtown Moscow this afternoon. Many people arrested, some beaten by antigay protestors. Earlier Moscow authorities officially allowed the event after the organizers concealed that they would protest against homophobia. As a result all LGBT placards and flags were confiscated. Some activists are still being attacked in the metro.

Various western media confirmed that gay rights activists were attacked by anti-gay protesters at the rally. The Associated Press quoted Moscow police spokesman Anatoly Lastovetsky, who said 40 people were detained by authorities.

To view photos documenting some of today's arrests, click HERE.