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VIDEOS: What's showing Friday at FilmOut's LGBT Film Festival

SAN DIEGO -- FilmOut San Diego's 13th annual LGBT Film Festival continues for the second and final weekend, kicking off today with screenings starting at noon at the historical Birch North Park Theatre.

The film festival will conclude Sunday night with an after-party from 10 pm to midnight at Urbn Coal Fired Pizza in North Park, a short walk from the theater.

SDGLN and SD PIX are the Day Sponsors for Sunday's programming, so come out on Sunday to meet our staff members and contributors.

Here is a sneak preview of films showing on Friday, Aug. 26:

"Strapped" (2010), directed by Joseph Graham, runs 95 minutes. Showing at noon Friday, Aug. 26. Tickets cost $5.

A handsome young hustler (Ben Bonenfant) moves almost effortlessly through the world, modifying his persona to fit the needs of each client, even though it leaves him with little self-knowledge. That changes during one night of unusual encounters. After trysting with a shy Russian, the young man tries to leave the apartment building but is stymied by its maze-like structure and meets a string of quirky inhabitants who teach him about himself. Original, sexy and led by an impressive lead performance, this honest, intelligent and mesmerizing film is enormously tender up until its satisfying conclusion.

"Earthling" (2011), directed by Clay Liford, runs 110 minutes. Showing at 1:45 pm Friday, Aug. 26. Tickets cost $5.

When an astronaut makes contact with an unidentified object orbiting Earth, he sparks an electrical anomaly that causes a select group of seemingly ordinary people to begin having the same bizarre dream. Soon, these mysterious few realize the meaning of their visions: They are merely visitors to this planet, and the orbiting object may be their ticket back home. Cerebral and visually stunning, this film stars Rebecca Spence, Jennifer Sipes, Peter Greene, Matt Socia and William Katt.

"Earthling" pairs with "The Marionettes" (2010), directed by Matthew Mishory, a 5-minute short from USA/Switzerland. In November 2008, Californians narrowly voted to abolish equal marriage rights for same-sex couples. Throughout the campaign, Proposition 8 advocates repeatedly claimed that marriage equality harms children. This film is a creative response to that contention.

"Leave It On The Floor" (2011), directed by Sheldon Larry, runs 109 minutes. Showing at 4 pm Friday, Aug. 26. Tickets cost $5.

This powerfully fueled, energy-driven film tells the story of an outsider, Brad (Ephraim Sykes), who has been thrown out of his home onto the mean streets of LA. He stumbles into a ball, a startling underground scene populated by a ragtag assortment of strays. His journey ultimately leads him to find a home, love and acceptance. It has been compared to "Rent" and called the “Saturday Night Fever for the millenium” due to its eye-popping visuals, extraordinary music, and breakout performances including an original score by Beyonce’s creative director Kim Burse, and choreography by Frank Gatson Jr., the wizard behind Beyonce’s image and music videos (including the “Single Ladies” phenomenon and J.Lo’s “On the Floor”).

"A Marine Story" (2010), directed by Ned Farr, runs 98 minutes. Showing at 6 pm Friday, Aug. 26. Tickets cost $10.

A decorated officer from a military family, Alex (Dreya Weber) is unexpectedly discharged from duty. When she returns to her conservative hometown, the Marine struggles to readjust to civilian life, but agrees to mentor Saffron (Paris P. Pickard), a troubled teen who's enlisting. Alex is the no-nonsense role model and authority figure Saffron needs, but as Saffron finally hits her stride, Alex must find the courage to face her own demons.

"A Marine Story" is paired with "Olivia" (2010), directed by Sarah Louise Wilson, runs 9 minutes. Two girls, four strings and a bathroom is all it takes for a seduction.

"Bite Marks" (2011), directed by Mark Bessenger, runs 84 minutes. Showing at 8 pm Friday, Aug. 26. Tickets cost $10.

For all you comedy/horror/vampire lovers, this hilarious comedic thriller is for you! Truck driver Brewster (Benjamin Lutz) takes over his missing brother's delivery of a load of coffins to a funeral home. He picks up hitchhiking gay couple Cary (Windham Beacham) and Vogel (David Alanson) whose relationship is in trouble to help him stay awake but when his GPS leads them into a deserted junkyard, his truck breaks down, stranding them. Night falls, and the coffins reveal blood-thirsty vampires. Now the mismatched trio must barricade themselves in the cab of the truck and try to survive until dawn. With gay cult horror icon Stephen Geoffrey’s ("Fright Night," "976-Evil").

"Bite Marks" pairs with "Regrets" (2011), directed by Michelle Pollino, runs 10 minutes. Neal wakes up in a strange man's bedroom with a head-splitting hangover and no memory of the night before.

"Longhorns" (2011), directed by David Lewis, runs 74 minutes. Showing at 10:15 pm Friday, Aug. 26. Tickets cost $10.

Raunchy-humor at its best! It’s a world of big hair, synth-pop and cowboy boots as Kevin (Jacob Newton), a straight frat-boy, enjoys a little male “physical” bonding with his buddies; after all, he’s just helping a friend out, right? One afternoon, he encounters Cesar (Derek Villanueva), an openly gay student and finds himself attracted to him but quickly dismisses his feelings. On a weekend trip a heavy rainstorm descends, causing the roads to flood away, preventing Steve’s girlfriend Brenda (Katrina Sherwood) and her best friends who are ready to “go all the way” from getting up to the cabin and leaving our boys incredibly horny . With no women around, an endless supply of beers and porno movies cluttering up the VCR, the guys decide to lend each other a “hand.” But Kevin’s confusion and denial continues to escalate and something has got to give, because his head says one thing but his heart feels something completely different!

"Longhorns" is paired with "Rubdown" (2011), directed by Dennis Hensley, running 12 minutes. Andrew is a "secret shopper" who goes undercover at an exclusive spa to entrap a rogue masseur who may be straying from the company's modesty policy.

The details

FilmOut San Diego’s 13th annual LGBT Film Festival will concludes Aug. 26-28.

Almost 60 films and shorts will be shown at the historical Birch North Park Theatre.

To buy individual tickets, click HERE.

A festival pass for the three remaining days of the festival is only $50 and includes the Closing Night party at Urbn Coal Fired Pizza in North Park.

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