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VIDEOS: What's playing today at FilmOut!

SAN DIEGO -- Starting with a free screening at noon, FilmOut San Diego has a day and night full of LGBT themed movies showing at the 13th annual LGBT Film Festival. Here are previews of the films.

“I Was A Teenage Werebear,” directed by Tim Sullivan, is a 30-minute short that will be shown for free at noon on Saturday, Aug. 20.

San Diego resident Brent Corrigan stars as a high school student having to deal with the curse of turning into a werebear (a mixture of leather daddy and werewolf) whenever he finds himself aroused. The short also stars Anton Troy, Gabrielle West and Lin Shaye.

“The Sleeping Beauty Of East Finchley,” directed by Seamus Rea, is a 50-minute film from the United Kingdom. It will be shown at 1 pm Saturday, Aug. 20. Tickets are $5.

Joan (Josie Walker) is a 40-ish woman in North London, a devout Catholic who looks after her mum with the help of a nurse, Pat (Ruth James). As Joan and Pat become friends, Pat discovers Joan’s love of singing and invited her to join her choir, “The Friends of Dusty.” But it takes Joan awhile to realize that this is a lesbian choir, and as a performance at the Various Voices festival on the Southbank approaches, Joan gets cold feet in more ways than one.

To view the trailer, click HERE.

“Finding Mr. Wright,” directed by Nancy Criss, is a 100-minute film that will be shown at 2 pm Saturday, Aug. 20. Tickets cost $10.

Clark Townsend (Matthew Montgomery) one of the hottest young men in West Hollywood manages to turn his best friend and first client Eddy Malone (Rebekah Kochan) — a talented, eccentric party girl — into one of the most sought-after actresses. Clark throws a dinner party in which Eddy’s publicist TJ brings her longtime friend Pearce Wright (David Moretti) — an awkward, spiritual, down-to-Earth life counselor, who is smitten with Clark at first sight.

“Leading Lady,” directed by Erika Randall Beahm and Daniel Beahm, is a 102-minute film that will be shown at 4 pm Saturday, Aug. 20. Tickets cost $10.

This spectacularly entertaining film is a zany comedy about two sisters, their gay best friend, and their overzealous stage mom. When one sister gets pregnant and the other plans to waltz out of the closet, the family must hustle to maintain their status quo in the harsh arena of competitive dance. Find out what happens to each as they re-examine their roles in modern life and on the dance floor and learn to "Let Love Lead." ™ Visually impressive - along with excellent choreographed dance sequences that need to be seen on the big screen!

Leading Ladies (official movie trailer) from Shatterglass Studios on Vimeo.

“Judas Kiss,” directed by J.T. Tepnapa, is a 94-minute film that will be shown at 6:15 pm Saturday, Aug. 20. Tickets are $10.

Film festival judge Zachary Wells (Charlie David) handsome one night stand turns out to be Danny Reyes (Richard Harmon) a student competing for a scholarship Zach must award. Mysteriously, his film has the same title as Zach's film that won the festival years before. When Zach sees Danny making the same mistakes he did, Zach decides to take matters into his own hands. As Zach scrambles for answers, a mysterious, chain-smoking campus tour guide counsels him: “Change the kid’s past, change your future.” Zach decides he can mend his life by getting Danny’s film disqualified, which prompts a confrontation between Danny and his father about their family’s dark past.

“eCupid,” directed by JC Calciano, is a 93-minute film that will be paired with a 7-minute short, “Finding Judy,” directed by Gary Riotto. The screenings begin at 8:15 pm Saturday, Aug. 20. Tickets are $10.

In “eCupid,” Marshall (Houston Rhines) is a cocky young man who feels trapped by his dead-end job and comfortable seven-year relationship with his boyfriend, Gabe (Noah Shuffman). Desperate for a new life he stumbles upon a mysterious app called “eCupid”. Once downloaded, Marshall suddenly gets everything he thinks he wants. Newly single and ready for adventure, “eCupid” overwhelms Marshall with sexy guys at every turn, each promising to be the man of his fantasies. Marshall soon finds all the attention is more than he bargained for. With the help of a wise and mysterious waitress (cameo by Morgan Fairchild), Marshall is given one last chance to listen to his heart and figure out what (and who) is really important.

In “Finding Judy,” the director asks: What happens when an African-American teen from Chicago looks inside himself and discovers he can sing and act just like the legendary Judy Garland?

“Is It Just Me?” is directed by J.C. Calciano and is a 93-minute film that will be paired with director David Jones’ 5-minute short, “Poised And In The Throes.” The screenings begin at 10:15 pm Saturday, Aug. 20. Tickets cost $10.

In “Is It Just Me?” Blaine (Nicholas Downs) is a typical young gay man looking for love ... without much success. Enter "Xander," (David Loren) the man of his dreams. After meeting in an online chat room, they quickly fall for each other and start a virtual relationship. Before long, they decide to meet face-to-face for a coffee date. After realizing he's been chatting with his new online boyfriend under his roommate Cameron's (Adam Huss) profile he persuades Cameron, a sexy go-go dancer, to pose as him during the date until he can win over Xander with his wit and charm. It's Blaine's brain versus Cameron's brawn as love blossoms within this threesome.

“Poised” is a stop-animation piece constructed from found photographic sources that pays homage to Kenneth Anger, Jack Smith, Jean Genet and Fassbinder’s “Querelle.”

The details

FilmOut San Diego’s 13th annual LGBT Film Festival will be conducted over two weekends: Aug. 19-21 and Aug. 26-28.

Almost 60 films and shorts will be shown at the historical Birch North Park Theatre.

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