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Jai Rodriguez: It doesn't take a "Queer Eye" to play a Latina!

SAN DIEGO -- Jai Rodriguez, the culture guru from Bravo’s former hit show “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy,” will once again be in the center of a cultural collision when he gives a guest performance as Chita Parol in “Chico’s Angels 2: Love Boat Chicas.”

During the San Diego run of the show, Rodriguez will play the sassy, street smart Chita Parol. The show is a cross between the classic 1970s television shows “The Love Boat” and “Charlie’s Angels,” with the added twist of the shows stars being much like the Latino Three Stooges in drag.

The always campy and over the top Angels are a non-stop laugh fest from start to finish. The girls don’t take themselves too seriously, but you’d never know it from how committed they are to their roles. The premise for the “Love Boat Chicas,” is that the girls have to go undercover to try to figure out who is trying to kill international sensation Charo while she’s performing on a cruise ship, hilarity ensues.

Rodriguez will be standing in for the actor who plays Parol while the show is in San Diego. This shouldn’t be too much of a departure for him because he replaced the same actor in “Rent,” on Broadway once before.

“The girls asked me after I came to see the show a few weeks ago, Ray (Chita) was leaving and they needed a replacement. I’d replaced Ray on Broadway in ‘Rent’ in ‘99 so they knew I had experience playing a Latina woman,” Rodriguez said, joking about how he came to be playing Chita.

Rodriguez is a performer with a very wide range. He has been on Broadway, in soap operas, in movies, produced and on “Queer Eye,” he consulted on culture issues for the shows guests. With so many talents, Rodriguez is a difficult man to tie down to just one medium.

“The stage will always be my home, but TV is my livelihood,” he said. “Having great guest star roles on network TV has been the highlight of the last 12 months of my life. I love on-camera acting, however ‘Queer Eye’ gave me a passion for producing.”

Being a multi-faceted actor means that many different opportunities have presented themselves to Rodriguez over the years. He was recently a judge at the GLAAD/Top Chef Challenge in Los Angeles, he’s presented at the MTV “Video Music Awards,” and appeared in the Lady Gaga, Beyonce video collaboration, “Telephone.”

“I love Beyonce,” Rodriguez said. “I was a presenter at the VMAs when she won her first VMA as a solo artist. I stayed in touch with her tour manager and got to hang with her at a few events since then. She is exactly what you’d expect, super sweet and humble. When she saw me on the ‘Telephone’ set, she immediately gave me a hug. I think Gaga is awesome, but I was nervous to introduce myself as I didn’t want to interrupt her during her shoot to say, ‘Hi, I’m a big fan and I’m also in your video.”

The details

Jai Rodriguez is currently working as an executive producer for a new series on Logo TV about therapy that is set to air in the fall. To see what else Rodriguez is up to, you can follow him on twitter @jairodriguez.

You can also catch Rodriguez in “Chico’s Angels” -- Aug. 12-14 and Aug. 19-21 at the Diversionary Theatre in University Heights. To purchase tickets, for more information or to watch hilarious webisodes for the Angels, go HERE or call (619) 220-0097.