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VIDEO: Vicki Barbolak loves her gay audiences, looks forward to FilmOut San Diego benefit Saturday

Editor's note: This is the third and final installment in a series profiling the comedy headliners who are performing at the "Laugh Out Loud: A Comics’ Benefit for FilmOut San Diego" on July 9 at the Birch North Park Theater.

SAN DIEGO -- The classiest boxed-wine-drinking, trailer-home-driving, skimpy-dress-wearing comedian will be taking the stage Saturday at the Laugh Out Loud Comic’s Benefit for FilmOut San Diego.

That’s right, Vicki Barbolak is going to be bringing her raunchy, “trailer nasty” version of comedy back to America’s Finest City.

Barbolak has been a staple in the San Diego comedy scene for more than a decade and like a fine box of wine she says she’s only gotten better with age.

“My methods in comedy, as in anything, it’s about being who you are,” Barbolak said. “I always wear about a yard of material and I like to wear really short dresses and really big hair. And I think I look good.”

Being that Barbolak is the hometown sweetheart for the FilmOut benefit, she has got a slew of fans coming to the show at Birch North Park Theatre and they have a lot to look forward to. Barbolak has a huge LGBT following in the area.

“I’ve always felt more kindred to the LGBT community; they’re less judgmental and they’re smarter in general,” said Barbolak, who is known for her nice but nasty style of humor.

Barbolak loves an audience containing recovering alcoholics, she said, “because they’re alive and they’re brilliant and they’re so happy to be alive and they’re wonderful to perform for.”

She joked about her own drinking and admitted that, “Every time there’s a weird car in the driveway when I come home, I wonder, ‘Is it my intervention today because I really don’t have time for this.’”

Her other crowd of choice is the LGBT community.

“In the LGBT community, it was just a generation ago that everyone was hiding. They’re so joyous to be together and to celebrate something that’s different,” Barbolak said. “As a comic, I’m kind of a little bit different and I don’t really fit into anything. I think they like acts that are a little more authentically original. And they also can recognize how much I respect the struggle that they are still living through.”

Barbolak may sound sweet and nice from the tone above, and by all means she is a very kind person. But once she gets on stage, you’ll soon forget the niceties and recall only the raunchy trailer talk and the passion for boxed wine that has made Barbolak famous.

“I think that Vicki is the modern day Roseanne,” said Michael Blackwell of Blackwell Black Productions, producers of the benefit show. “Her comedy comes from the middle class, which is an important group of people that’s also shrinking. Her jokes are about the adjustment of the middle class, kind of how Roseanne was for the working class back in the day.”

“She’s a comic that takes it full out has no qualms,” Blackwell said. “She jokes about her look, her size, her upbringing, her background. She’s proud of everything she is and she should be because she is hilarious.”

In 2007, Barbolak was the winner of Nickelodeon’s “America’s Funniest Mom,” hosted by Roseanne Barr. It turned out that Barr was so impressed with Barbolak’s off-the-cuff humor that Barr hired her as a writer and to be the opening act for Barr’s show at the New York New York Casino in Las Vegas.

Barbolak’s resume is so long and impressive, and a few of her recent honors and career milestones are: She was selected to be on Jay Leno’s Laugh Squad, she was on Jenny Jones’ nationwide search for “Jenny’s Comedy Diva,” she was the first winner of the “California’s Funniest Female” contest and she was also the winner of the “Russian River Gay Comedy Festival.”

Currently Barbolak is touring with “The Funniest Housewives of Orange County.” She has been making appearances with “Pretty Funny Women” and Rhonda Shear’s “Up All Night Pajama Party” as well.

Barbolak is also featured in “Pickin’ and Grinnin’,” the newest film from “Napoleon Dynamite” director John Griess.

Barbolak will dazzle and shock you with her sparkly, dangerously skimpy ensembles, her outrageous over the top humor and her unapologetic style. You can catch Barbolak with her fellow headliners, Shawn Pelofsky, Justin Martindale and Jackie Monahan at the Laugh Out Loud Comic’s Benefit for FilmOut San Diego.

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You can catch Vicki Barbolak (top right), Jackie Monahan (top left), Justin Martindale (center left) and Shawn Pelofsky (bottom left) at the Laugh Out Loud Comic’s Benefit for FilmOut San Diego at the Birch North Park Theater on July 9. Doors open at 7 pm and the show starts at 8. Tickets are $25 with advance purchase and $30 the day of the show. To purchase tickets online, click HERE.