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VIDEO: Meet Shawn Pelofsky, aka Lady HaHa, one of four comedy headliners at FilmOut fundraiser

Editor's note: This is the first in a series profiling the comedy headliners who are performing at the "Laugh Out Loud: A Comics’ Benefit for FilmOut San Diego" on July 9 at the Birch North Park Theater.

SAN DIEGO -- It’s been said that if Kathy Griffin and Dane Cook got together and had a love child, that child would be Shawn Pelofsky.

She’s got a kind of moxie that entertains for days. She has actual “comedy injuries” from her hilarious brand of physical humor and her patented move of, “stretching it out,” which is a term she uses before she drops low into an a deep lunge that looks like an amped-up, laugh-inducing yoga pose. Pelofsky is the epitome of a funny lady.

With her spot-on Streisand impressions and Lady Gaga parody, Lady HaHa, Pelofsky has found a huge fan base within the LGBT community.
“I’ve travelled around the world, entertaining gay men on all gay male cruises for the past two years, so if I don’t have insight into the gay community by now, I don’t know who will,” Pelofsky joked when asked about her appeal to the LGBT community.

“I accept the community as they are and I embrace everything that they are about. I feel like I’m actually an insider, I see and feel the way that they do and I don’t hesitate to make jokes about what I think that they’re thinking,” Pelofsky said about her LGBT fan base.

Pelofsky’s first comedy album “Lady HaHa” is available now on iTunes or on her website, hahachick.com. The title comes from her online farce about a day in the life of Lady Gaga.

“I just wanted to produce a video spoof for the cruises, for my show. And I said, I wonder what her life is really like, what’s a regular day for that lady? It seems like her schedule is so insane and she’s so over the top. So I guess people kind of know me as that now,” Pelofsky said.

Pelofsky has dedicated a lot of her time to entertaining the troops around the globe for U.S.O. Comedy Tours. Most recently she went to Guantanamo Bay, Bosnia, Kosovo, Japan, Korea, Dubai and Djibouti, Africa.

“Djibouti is located between hell and somebody’s asshole, it was just the worst place in the world” she joked, “but we’ve got 5,000 soldiers there so they needed entertainment, in more ways than one!”

When Pelofsky isn’t in Djibouti (pronounced ja-booty, insert your own booty joke here,) she’s touring the world with Atlantis Cruises.

“Shawn is the queen of Atlantis Cruises, she has said that she is probably a gay man trapped in a Jewish woman’s body,” said Michael Blackwell, co-producer of the Laugh Out Loud Comedy Benefit.

Pelofsky has been a fixture at the Comedy Store in Los Angeles for many years and is currently on LOGO’s “The Gossip Queens.” She has also had guest appearances on “Chelsea Lately,” “Last Comic Standing,” “Comics Unleashed,” and “Pauly Shore’s Minding The Store.” She has toured with the all-female comedy shows, “Pretty Funny Women,” “Nice Jewish Girls Gone Bad” and “The Hot Tamales,” which was produced by Eva Longoria.

Pelofsky has opened for pretty much everyone in the comedy business; Margaret Cho, Bill Maher, Robert Klein and Richard Lewis, just to name a few. She’s worked with SNL greats Will Ferrell and Will Forte at the ACME Comedy Theater as well.

When Pelofsky isn’t headlining Atlantis Cruises, entertaining the troops or mending her battle wounds from her all out performances, she’s usually, “eating,” the jokester quipped. “But no, really I’m spending time with friends and family if I’m not working.”

Pelofsky will be performing at the "Laugh Out Loud: A Comics’ Benefit for FilmOut San Diego" at the Birch North Park Theater at 8 pm Saturday, July 9. Joining her will be comedians Vicki Barbolak, Justin Martindale and Jackie Monahan.

“It’s rare if you get to see four headliner comics in one setting; usually if you go to a comedy show in L.A. you see a series of lesser known comics and then you see one headliner comic. This show is very different, all the performers you see are considered headliner comics, they’ve done film and they’ve done television. It’s just rare to see four top-notch comedians in one setting. It’s a very special show,” said Randal Black, co-producer of the benefit who is with Blackwell Black Productions.

The proceeds from the show will go towards supporting the FilmOut San Diego’s annual LGBT film festival, which will be over two weekends in August. Tickets are $25 with advance purchase and $30 the day of the show. To purchase tickets, check out HERE.

Pelofsky will also be performing at The Comedy Store in La Jolla on July 1 and July 2 at 8 and 10:30 pm.