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BREAKING NEWS: San Diego Republican Party challenges Carlos Marquez's position on Redistricting Commission

SAN DIEGO -- San Diego Republican Party Chairman Tony Krvaric announced today that he plans to call on Carlos Marquez to resign from his post from the City of San Diego Redistricting Commission at the commission hearing this afternoon.

Krvaric says he is doing this in light of concerns about Marquez' residency and accusations of partisan leanings.

Marquez, who moved to San Diego to attend San Diego State University in 2003, recently left his job at The San Diego LGBT Community Center in Hillcrest to accept a position at the Los Angeles-based Honor Fund.

A report on Channel 10 News yesterday questioned Marquez' official residence address since his career move. The City of San Diego requires that its commissioners live within city lines.

"After learning about Mr. Marquez taking a job in Los Angeles, the Republican Party of San Diego County hired a private investigator to establish Mr. Marquez' true residency," Krvaric said in a statement. "In fact it is now without question in our mind that he does not live in San Diego.

"A Los Angeles resident should not be deciding the district lines that actual San Diego residents will have to live with for the next ten years. Mr. Marquez should do the honorable thing and resign at tonight's meeting. We will publicly be calling for him to do so."

Some members of the LGBT community and other supporters have launched a campaign on Facebook in support of Marquez, claiming that he is still a resident of San Diego.

"Carlos lives in San Diego and commutes back and forth to/from LA, where he works as the executive director of HONOR Fund," Kate Lyon posted online. "He still lives in San Diego and is still registered to vote in San Diego.

"This right-wing attack is simply a ploy to remove a qualified and capable public servant from a post of influence because they are intimated by the empowered and diverse communities of San Diego who’ve shown up and spoken to the Commission about the importance of drawing districts representative of all residents, including communities of color and the LGBT community."

Lyon is encouraging the community to attend today's meeting to show support for Marquez.

Krvaric stands firmly with his opinion that Marquez should resign his seat.

"San Diegans, regardless of party affiliation, deserve better than to have hyper-partisans - who don't even live in the city - meddling with their council district lines," Krvaric said. "If Mr. Marquez truly wants what's best for San Diego, he will resign effective immediately tonight."

The City of San Diego Redistricting Commission will meet today, Thursday, May 19, at 4 pm at the City Administration Building, 202 C St., in the 12th Floor Committee Room.

More information about the Redistricting Commission is online.