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Jeri Dilno reappointed to Balboa Park Committee

SAN DIEGO – Longtime LGBT activist Jeri Dilno has been reappointed to another term on the Balboa Park Committee.

Dilno is a San Diego Democratic Club member and former SDDC president.

San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders’ nominee was confirmed by the City Council. The committee advises the mayor and City Council on policy issues relating to the acquisition, development, maintenance and operation of Balboa Park.

A San Diego native, Dilno has lived all over the U.S. After leaving SDSU, she joined the Air Force, following in her father’s military footsteps. She received an Undesirable Discharge three days before her date of separation due to her sexual orientation, but with help from The Center’s military counselor, her discharge was upgraded to Honorable.

Dilno began her LGBT activism while living in Philadelphia in 1970. She moved back to San Diego in 1975, where she has lived since. She helped organize San Diego’s first gay Pride march and worked for Pride for more than 30 years. She was also the first female executive director of The Center (then called The Gay Center) and was also assistant editor and editor of the now-defunct Gay and Lesbian Times.

In 1976, Dilno held a seat on the statewide committee against Proposition 6 (the Briggs Initiative), and also worked on the 1987 March on Washington. She was one of six openly lesbian delegates from California at the 1977 International Women’s Conference in Houston.

Dilno served as president of the San Diego Democratic Club for four terms and is currently the executive vice president. She has been an openly lesbian delegate to three National Democratic Conventions, and in 1994 served as co-chair of the LGBT Caucus of the California Democratic Party.