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Possible gay bashing outside El Paso nightclub leaves man in critical condition

EL PASO -- There was a gay bashing outside a gay bar in downtown El Paso last night, but it is not yet being identified as such by the local El Paso media.

According to the El Paso Times, a 22-year old man is in critical condition after being jumped by six men after a "verbal confrontation," but there is no indication in any of the reports that the man was gay.

The Old Plantation Nightclub (known to locals as the OP) is a gay dance club. The victim was reportedly standing outside waiting for a cab when the confrontation took place.

A female friend of the victim tried to intervene, but one of the attackers struck her windshield with a bat in an effort to restrain her, before they fled the scene in a van.

The El Paso Times is asking that anyone with information call the El Paso Police at 832-4400 or to remain anonymous all Crime Stoppers at 566-8477.