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BREAKING NEWS: Lady Gaga “divorces” Target

Sources tell San Diego Gay & Lesbian News” that the business deal between Lady Gaga and Target has already ended in divorce.

Gaga, who is outspoken in her support of equal rights for all Americans, has said that she hoped her deal with Target would help persuade the corporation to stand up for LGBT citizens in the U.S.

Target has faced blistering criticism from the LGBT community and its allies for pouring campaign contributions last year to an anti-gay candidate for Minnesota governor and other conservative causes and groups.

Today, SDGLN broke the news that Target was suing a San Diego-based grass-roots group Canvass For A Cause because its volunteers ask store customers to support gay marriage.

Losing a major deal with Lady Gaga is yet another blow to Target’s image.

Many in the LGBT community continue to boycott Target because of its anti-gay posturing.

Bob Witeck of Witeck-Combs Communications, who follows LGBT issues, told media members this afternoon that the “divorce” is not a shock to people who know Gaga.

In a brief comment to Metro Weekly about Gaga, Witeck said, "I'm very impressed by her."

Referring to her LGBT fans, he said, "Throughout this whole process, she has remained true to her audience. I think she's a person of great integrity, and I think people will recognize that."