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New E-Book Addresses LGBTQ Issues in the Education of Healthcare Professionals

The authors are women who have been actively involved in lesbian social, cultural and political circles most of their lives. Each experienced the demands to be heterosexual while growing up. Now, as openly lesbian nurse leaders, they share insights into the LGBTQ experience in health care.

Catholic Bishops Applaud Maine Vote Defending Marriage

Marriage is a unique institution between one man, one woman, say bishops; Defense of marriage does not allow 'unjust discrimination' against homosexual persons; Marriage must be strengthened, not redefined.

Mayor Applauds Historic Water Deal

The deal helps ensure long-term water reliability. "This package of bills will help safeguard one of this state’s most precious commodities for decades to come," said Sanders.

Students Protest Budget Cuts at SDSU

SDSU students marched to show the California state government that cuts on higher education funding will no longer be tolerated.