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BREAKING NEWS: GetEqual activists protest ENDA in Capitol Rotunda sit-down

WASHINGTON -- A group of GetEqual protesters have closed down the Capitol Rotunda, specifically targeting House Speaker Nancy Pelosi over the lack of progress on the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA).

According to Facebook and Twitter postings from GetEqual and former Lt. Dan Choi, the activists are specifically targeting Pelosi because during a conference on Saturday she addressed activists and stated, "You've convinced me, now make me do it." Yesterday, according to Twitter postings, a group of GetEqual activists protested outside of her San Francisco office

Protesters are holding signs that read “Pass ENDA Now!” and “This Is Your Reminder.”

TheAdvocate, reporting from Washington, stated that about 20 activists participated in the tour, and roughly nine are risking arrest, while the others are there as legal supporters. Advocate reporter Kerry Eleveld spoke with GetEqual spokesperson Heather Cronk:

Cronk said the group chose the rotunda because it symbolizes the “America’s commitment to justice, equality, and freedom.” At the beginning of the tour, she noted they had been shown a film with narration proclaiming, “This is the core – the center – of our experiment with political freedom.”

But she added that GetEqual plans to take its show out of Washington and on the road during the August recess (Aug. 9 – Sept. 10), when lawmakers will be back in their home districts.

“We’ll be taking our actions into the states,” she said. “We plan to hold other lawmakers accountable and we intend to help those lawmakers who haven’t made a commitment to ENDA yet to do so.”

Updates and videos on this latest protest from GetEqual activists fighting for the repeal of DADT and the passage of ENDA will be posted as they become available.