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Courage Academy to train organizers to bring progressive reform to Californa

Courage Academy is a one-day leadership workshop focused on preparing a new generation of organizers to build a movement for progressive reform in California.

New leaders across the world have been trained in this approach to movement building developed by Marshall Ganz, a professor at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government. This model served as the basis for “Camp Obama,” a training program credited with creating the organizing base that was integral to the campaign’s success. It has since been used successfully to empower leaders internationally and across a variety of social movements and causes.

Attendees will form Courage Neighborhood Equality Teams to begin the work of building an unprecedented progressive coalition - a movement - one California community at a time.

To date, academies are planned for these areas:

Bay Area, Feb. 27
Central Valley, Feb. 27
South L.A. , Feb. 27
Central Coast, Feb. 28
Orange County, Feb. 28
Northern California coast, March 14
Sacramento, March 20

Neighborhood Equality Team Organizers
As a NETO, your mission is to work with Courage Campaign field staff in developing the infrastructure necessary for progressive change. In this program, Courage deputy field organizers will support you in attaining all of the following goals:
• Commit to 5 hours per week organizing in your community.
• Identify and recruit people from your community to join you in building a leadership team.
• Attend Courage Academy for an organizing, leadership, and team-building training in your region.
• Collaborate with other NETOs in your area to build a Neighborhood Equality Team to create and execute a local plan for community engagement and coalition-building, in collaboration with Courage Deputy Field Organizers.
This goals of this local plan are to:

_ Establish an active and visible presence for equality and progressive values in your community.

_ Develop relationships with local elected officials and supportive organizations to create an opportunity for sharing resources and building local power.

_ Coordinate regular voter contact actions - including canvasses, phone-banks, tabling at community events, and registering new voters.

_ Represent your community in important statewide actions, trainings, and conference calls focused on equality and progressive change.

To fill out an application form, visit http://www.couragecampaign.org/page/s/AcadApplication