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Same-sex marriage remains safe for now in Iowa

Same-sex marriage opponents lost another battle this week, this time in Iowa.

Republican lawmakers were unsuccessful in their attempt to jump-start an effort to amend the Iowa Constitution to ban gay marriage. Democrats, who control the House and Senate, accused the Republicans of playing politics ahead of elections.

Attempts to pull the measures out of committees and force a vote failed as the Republican legislators could not muster enough votes.

"We're not going to get bogged down this session with divisive social issues," said Kevin McCarthy, House majority leader from Des Moines.
But Republicans vowed to use the issue against the Democrats in November.

"While our bipartisan effort fell short of gaining the 26 votes needed to proceed, the voters this November will have an opportunity to decide if they are content with the continued Democratic obstruction and inaction," said Paul McKinley, Senate minority leader from Chariton.

Observers said the issue probably is dead at least until the 2014 general election.

Last April, the Iowa Supreme Court struck down a state law banning gay marriage.

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