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Regional art groups collaborate for Mexican cultural events

2010 is a very significant year for Mexican history. First, Mexicans will celebrate 200 years of independence from Spain on Sept. 16. Later, on Nov. 20, a century of the Mexican Revolution will pass.

To celebrate here in San Diego, the Mexican Consulate will present a cultural program with art exhibits, artistic presentations, festivals, a symposium, and much more. Mexican Consul Remedios Gomez said that with the collaboration of San Diego museums and Tijuana’s Cultural Center, activities are planned for the entire year.

“In fact our first activity has just begun at the Museum of Photographic Arts with the projection of a Mexican classic film ‘Que Viva Mexico,’” she said.

Gomez said that with these activities the Consulate wants to celebrate and share a space for reflection of the 200 years of relations between Mexico and San Diego County. She also said that at the time that Mexico fought for its independence, the California region was part of the New Spain territory.

“This is also a celebration for all the families that live here and an opportunity to learn and admire the Mexican art,” she said.

Activities for the first half of the year is listed below. More information can be found at the Consulate Web site.

3 - Mexican Film in the Barrio “Ahi esta el detalle” by Cantinflas @ Salon Imperial, National City.
10 - Mexican Film in the Barrio “El hijo desobediente” by Tin-Tan @ Salon Imperial, Nacional City.
11 - Mexican Classic Cinema Series “La Perla” @ Museum of Photographic Arts.
17 - Mexican Film in the Barrio “Aguila o sol” by Cantinflas @ Salon Imperial, National City.
25 - Conference about the work of Carlos Merida, curator of the San Diego Museum of Art @ SDMA.
27 - Opening historical exhibition “Viva Mexico! Heroes y artesanos” @ Mingei International Museum.
27 - Exhibit “Brutal Beauty” by Hugo Crosthwaite @ SDMA.

3 to 21 - Latino Film Festival @ Hazard Center.
4 - Raul Anguiano exhibit @ University of San Diego.
11 - Mexican Classic Cinema Series “Doña Barbara” @ Museum of Photographic Arts.
11 - “The Mexican Landscape” exhibit by Jose Lobo @ Mexico General Consul.
13 - Opening of photographic exposition Colburn Collection “Photographs of old Mexico” by Hugo Brehme @ SDMA.
14 - Conference by Hugo Crosthwaite about “Brutal Beauty” exhibit @ SDMA.
19 - Benito Juarez Anniversary @ Pantoja Park.
21 - Mexico’s Folkloric Ballet @ San Diego Symphony Hall.
26 - Latin Jazz Festival @ Mingei International Museum.

8 - Mexican Classic Cinema Series “La Cobarde” @ Museum of Photographic Arts.
24 and 25 - Art Walk @ India Street, Little Italy.

1 - Spanish storytelling with Laura Whiteside @ Timken Museum.
1 - Artistic Festival “Viva Mexico!” with Tijuana’s High School Lazaro Cardenas @ Organ Pavillion.
13 - Mexican Classic Cinema Series “Los Olvidados” @ Museum of Photographic Arts.
13 - Mexican serenade dedicated to Mexican mothers, by Mariachi Garibaldi @ Southwestern College.
14 - Iconoclastic pictures of Mexican revolutionaries by David Silva @ Mexico’s General Consulate.
20 - Symposium about the Mexican history and culture @ Mingei International Museum.

10 - Mexican Classic Cinema Series “Pedro Paramo” @ Museum of Photographic Arts.

Tania Navarro is SDNN Tijuana correspondent.