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Statement from San Diego LGBT Pride

(SAN DIEGO) In a statement issued today by San Diego’s LGBT Pride organization it was announced that the existing Board members have resigned and new board members have been added in their place.

The reconstituted Board of Directors of SD LGBT Pride met yesterday evening. The first order of business was to accept the resignations of board members Philip Princetta, Co-chair and Mike Karim, Treasurer. The new board members are fully committed to transparency and will honor the duties and responsibilities of the organization and continue the mission of San Diego Pride.

The new members are: Debra McEntee, Suanne Pauley, Joe Mayer, Judi Schaim, Chris Shaw, Andrea Villa, Jeri Dilno, Bob Leyh and Larry Ramey. Also present was new board candidate Karen Bucey. Schaim and Ramey were elected as Co-chairs, McEntee will serve as Secretary and Mayer as Treasurer.

Pride staff members were present at the opening of the meeting and gave a short presentation. In addition to electing officers the board formed two committees: Legal and Board Affairs/Development, and named Shaw as the liaison to the staff. The board will continue to meet on a weekly basis and plans to go to work immediately on the 2010 Pride celebration.

A town hall meeting with the community is being planned and will be announced soon. There will also be opportunities for the community to meet the newly appointed board members.

The board continues to actively seek new board candidates. Candidates interested in applying may obtain information on Pride’s website or contact humanresources@sdpride.org for an application.