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BREAKING: Elected officials call for reinstatement of nine board members, names submitted to Pride in official memorandum

Updated, January 27, 10:00 a.m.

(SAN DIEGO) As reported first by SDGLN on Tuesday, the embattled offenders in the Pridegate scandal have agreed to step down and appoint an interim Board.

The action came after intervention by four GLBT elected officials: State Senator Christine Kehoe, Councilmember Todd Gloria, Councilmember Carl DeMaio, and former Councilmember and Deputy Mayor Toni Atkins.

“As elected leaders, we had a responsibility to relay the concerns we have heard from so many in the community to the Pride board,” said Gloria. “Upon sharing our thoughts with them, the board put the best interests of the community and the organization ahead of themselves and agreed to an orderly transition of Pride governance to an interim board consisting of past board members. This was an important first step to rebuilding the public’s trust in San Diego LGBT Pride.This action will ensure that planning for this year’s Pride celebration will continue and that the San Diego’s largest civic event will take place as scheduled.”

“This will provide a fresh start for Pride and the continued planning for this year’s successful event,” said Senator Kehoe.

SDGLN has obtained a memorandum by Senator Kehoe, in which nine past Board members were named. The list was presented by the elected officials for interim appointment until a permanent Board can be put in place.

The list includes Jeri Dilno, Andrea Villa, Judi Schaim, Larry Ramey, Chris Shaw, Bob Leyh, Vertez Burks, Romer de los Santos and Anne Hewett.

Gloria is pleased with the outcome of the meeting, which will ensure the continued success of the largest civic event in the City.

“I look forward to seeing a new Pride board implement measures that will increase transparency and public participation in the actions it takes.”