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Pride volunteers request meeting with the Board of Directors, Board declines

On Tuesday January 12, a group of Pride volunteers sent an email to Pride Board Chair Philip Princetta requesting a meeting.

“In light of recent actions taken by the Board of Directors, a number of volunteers and Ambassadors have made it clear to us that they will boycott San Diego Pride until a change in leadership occurs, and I believe you have received a petition that was put forward by this coalition,” stated the email.

“We want to hear what your plans for the future of Pride are; we want to know how we can continue some of the programs of Pride that were being overseen by terminated staff members; and we want to hear from the current staff. As the workforce of your organization, we feel that we are owed a public explanation from the Board.”

Their email was not responded to.

On January 20, eight days later, a second request was sent.

“We simply want answers,” they wrote. “We want to hear from you and your fellow Board members and staff. You have heard our frustrations - they have been vented and relayed to you in many forms. Do you care about your volunteer force? If you do, you will personally respond to this e-mail and also agree to meet with us - you owe this to the people who make the organization what it is.”

Board Chair Philip Princetta responded later that afternoon. Although he thanked them for their concerns, he denied the request.

“I sincerely would like for you to know that my not responding to your 1st e-mail was not a personal affront to you nor your team,” wrote Princetta. “Our attorney's have instructed us not respond to inquiries, meeting requests and e-mails such as yours at this time.”