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Air America Grounded

The Air America radio network, which burst on the scene in April of 2004 as the only progressive network amongst an endless sea of conservative alternatives, ceased broadcasting today, after filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.

Carried in hundreds of local AM channels across the country, the network's first lead anchor and staunch bulwark was now Senator Al Franken (D-Minn), who left in 2007 to run for that office.

Air America was known for its popular programming, personalities and as a breath of fresh air for progressives drowning in the conservative standard. Unfortunately, it was also constantly awash in controversy, high profile firings, and financial problems which could never be overcome.

Besides Franken, personalities over the years also included Janeane Garofalo, Randi Rhodes, Ron Reagan, Mike Malloy, Ed Shultz, Stephanie Miller, Lionel, and a then unknown Rachel Maddow. New owners took over the fledgling station in 2007 and Randi Rhodes, who was released from her contract soon after, publicly blamed the new owners for her sudden departure.

Maddow was still doing both her Air America show and her arduous stint on MSNBC when the news hit.

The network has already shut down its entire website and left just this letter to its listeners.