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Empowering Spirits Foundation teams up with American Red Cross to deliver aid, medical support to Hati

(SAN DIEGO) National LGBT civil rights organization Empowering Spirits Foundation today announced they are teaming up with the American Red Cross to aid in the emergency response to the ongoing crisis in Haiti following Tuesday’s massive 7.0 earthquake.

“As of right now we still don’t fully know what we are dealing with in terms of the number of injured or dead,” said A. Latham Staples, ESF President & C.E.O. “This is clearly a catastrophe though for a country that was already suffering greatly. Any kind of contribution whether it be with one’s time or financially is seriously needed to save as many lives possible.”

ESF members with disaster relief training or a medical background are encouraged to contact ESF through a new email address – haitirelief@empoweringspirits.org, or via telephone at (858) 523-8201.

“Emergency response teams are being formed now,” said Staples. “Disaster relief teams will leave first to help clear the roads and disinfect, and shortly after emergency medical teams will be sent to aid the injured. We will need all the help we can get from trained personnel.”

Those without appropriate training to assist onsite in Haiti can donate $10 by texting ‘HAITI’ to ‘90999’. The contribution will automatically be made to the American Red Cross and will appear on the next month’s phone bill. Larger donations may be made by visiting www.sdarc.org.