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Tijuana goes for another violent year; 39 killings in first week

(TIJUANA) More than 39 violent killings, including the death of four teenagers, have taken place since the start of 2010 in Tijuana.

This week started with the death of a young Chula Vista student and member of one of the wealthiest families in the Baja California region.

José Fernando Labastida Fimbres, 17, was attacked in a shooting in his Audi car in the Chapultepec area.

He was severely injured and taken to a private hospital, but he was declared dead minutes later. The victim had at least six gun injuries in different parts of the body. Detetectives found 39 bullet shells at the scene.

Labastida Fimbres was a junior at Mater Dei Catholic High School in Eastlake.

On Wednesday morning, a male body was found inside a Ford Taurus with several gunshot wounds.

Later that afternoon and after a report of a shooting against a vehicle parked on the street, detectives found a golden Cherokee, without plates, and three bodies inside.

Three high school students, Jonathan Manuel Tadeo Rivera, Oswaldo Amigael Martínez Vázquez y Thamar Jauna Silva, all 16 years old, were found dead with among with 35 bullet shells. The students were parked near their school and were dressed in uniform.

On Wednesday night, a decapitated body was found on the street. Detectives said the male body was covered with a blanket and a plastic bag. The body was under the blanket and inside the bag were the head and a pair of gloves.
Detectives said that he was wearing blue jeans and had no shirt, was about 35 to 40 years old, had dark skin and fair complexion; his identity is still unknown.

On Thursday, two separate shootings resulted in the death of four people. One of them was found in a Dodge Ram 500. The other three males were found inside a cherry Volkswagen; one of the bodies was found in pieces, and all of them had gunshot wounds.

Earlier in the morning, a male body was found under a bridge. The victim had bumps and bruises in the head and chest.
On Thursday night, a dead male body was found inside a home on El Mirador area, the state attorney’s office said. The victim had several gunshot wounds and evidence of violence.

Later, another male body with gunshot wounds to his head, chest, face and collarbone, was found by detectives on the East side of the city.

All the bodies were transported to the Forensic Services for autopsies.

Tania Navarro is a news writer for SDNN.