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Prop. 8 Trial Update

(SAN FRANCISCO) The case challenging California's controversial Proposition 8 began this morning. The U.S. Supreme Court, however, has overruled Judge Walker's previous decision to allow coverage of the trial on YouTube.

Defenders of the ban on same-sex marriage sought an emergency order from the U.S. Supreme Court stating that their clients would suffer "irreparable harm" if they testified in favor of Prop. 8. The high court agreed and granted the ban on YouTube.

According to a January 11 report by the L.A. Times, only one Justice dissented.

Said Stephen G. Breyer, a San Francisco native. "In my view, the court's standard for granting a stay is not met" in this case, he wrote. "In particular, the papers filed, in my view, do not show a likelihood of 'irreparable harm.' "

The ruling by the Supreme Court Justices is temporary and will remain in effect until Wednesday January 13.

Live streaming of the case to others courts is still permitted; however the only court airing the trial in Southern California is the Richard H. Chambers United States Courthouse, located in Pasadena.