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Ex-lesbian mother defies court order to hand over daughter to ex-partner

(VERMONT/VIRGINIA) Ex-lesbian Lisa Miller openly defied a court order to hand over her daughter, Isabella, to her ex-partner Janet Jenkins.

Miller and her daughter have been missing since November 20- the same day the court issued the order requiring her to relinquish custody by 1 p.m. January 1, at the Falls Church, Virginia home of her former partner's parents.

The police have been notified of her failure to appear. Although at the current time the case remains a civil matter, Miller could face criminal charges for parental abduction.

Miller, an ex-lesbian who rediscovered her Christian faith has stated she does not want her daughter raised in Jenkins’ “lifestyle of sin.”

Both Virginia and Vermont State Courts previously ruled that Jenkins is also a legal guardian and granted her visitation rights. Miller ignored the court ordered visitation rights, prompting the courts to issue the change of custody order.

Jenkins has not made any comments to the press and has spoken only through her one of her attorneys, Sarah Star.

"She's very disappointed, obviously," said Star. "She's very concerned about Isabella and asks that if anybody sees [her], that they please contact the authorities."

Liberty Counsel Attorneys Mathew Staver and Stephen Crampton, Miller’s legal representation, and the dozens of faith-based support groups that backed Miller have not made a statement regarding her disappearance. ABCNews.com reported that an assistant to the attorneys stated they are “on vacation and unavailable for comment on the matter."