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State plans high-speed rail in San Diego

(SAN DIEGO) Last year voters in California expressed their support for high-speed rail by passing a $10 billion bond measure that will build lines across the state. Now, the State of California is seeking an additional $4.7 billion in federal stimulus funds for the project. While several states are vying for this funding, California may be better positioned because of its voter support.

Even though construction is years away, the California High-Speed Rail Authority is already planning for where such a high-speed rail line would run in San Diego County.

Although Senator Christine Kehoe supports the railway, she’s hesitant to add multiple stations, fearing doing so would impact the speed of the rail.

Said Kehoe, “While I am open to possible routes, my priority for high-speed rail is that it maximizes speed and public access, and minimizes environmental harm.

“I support no more than two stations in the county: one at San Diego International Airport (Lindbergh Field) and a second at the Escondido Transit Center. I do not support a stop in University City. The fewer the stops the easier it will be for trains to achieve their maximum speed and therefore lower travel time for customers.”