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San Diego Pride Gives More Than $90,000 in 2009 to Plethora of LGBT Organizations

(SAN DIEGO) San Diego Pride announced today that by the first week of December they will have gifted $93,633 to dozens of LGBT community-supportive organizations. The funding has been made possible through a variety of channels that include proceeds generated from the annual Pride festival, other official Pride events, as well as programs such as Friends of Pride, the Pride Ambassador Program, the Milk Money Holiday Campaign, partnerships and business support.

More than half of the Pride funds have already been distributed, with the remaining $42,515 to be granted to the remaining recipients during a check-presentation ceremony on December 2, at the Pride office in North Park.

Pride’s 2009 community grants include $16,400 to the San Diego LGBT Community Center in support of its Youth Housing Project, Annual Women’s Night, Harvey Milk Breakfast and 2010 gala and AIDS Walk. Some of the money has also been allocated for The Center’s general operating fund.

Other beneficiaries include Mama’s Kitchen, San Diego’s chapter of the Golden State Rodeo Association, the Hillcrest Town Council, the Imperial Court de San Diego and LGBT resource centers at San Diego State University and University of California at San Diego. A complete list of beneficiaries is available online.

Pride also gave more than $15,500 in festival tickets this year to active members of the military.

“We may be at $93,633 today, but by the end of the year, we will pass the $100,000 mark in funding and support,” says Ron deHarte, executive director of San Diego Pride. “The Milk Money holiday drive is just now reaching its peak and will take us over our goal of providing support at the $100,000 level in 2009. At the beginning of the year, with the challenging economic market and threat of less corporate support, we focused on delivering the same levels of programming while managing expenses and creating alternative sources of revenue to support our community enhancement work. With many community partners by our side, we made it through a tough year and our success is the community’s success.”
San Diego Pride also has a long history of community philanthropy that extends to other local, regional and international Pride organizations, such as InterPride, Tijuana Pride and the International Gay and Lesbian Organization. To date, San Diego Pride has given more than $1.4 million to numerous LGBT organizations as it continues to foster pride in and respect of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities.

Recently, San Diego Pride relocated their offices to a building they purchased in North Park. SDGLN reported last week the acquisition of the new building has enabled Pride to decrease their monthly spending.

de Harte reiterates the move has not impacted community giving.

Said de Harte, “Any general savings are reinvested to help fortify ongoing programs in the community.”

Pride’s annual financial support goal for community organizations has yet to be set for 2010, but with Pride’s success in 2009, it is all but a guarantee that next year many organizations will once again receive sizable, charitable donations that enable them to continue providing services to members of the LGBT community.