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Repaired Bridges Ready for Holiday Drivers

If you are headed “over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house” on Thanksgiving, your trip just got a little safer now that repairs are completed on seven local bridges as a result of federal stimulus funds.

"Stimulus funds allowed us to seal cracks and fix surface damage before problems grew larger and became a major problem and expense," said Chairwoman Dianne Jacob of the Board of Supervisors.

The work was done by a local contractor, RJ Bullard Construction, located in Bonsall. Their crews completed the project several weeks ahead of schedule.

They treated the surface to seal cracks and prevent moisture from seeping into the bridges, which can erode the concrete and rust metal reinforcement. Crews also discovered that the concrete had started to separate on one of the bridges, and more extensive work was done.

The bridges are located in unincorporated San Diego County on Buckman Springs Road south of Interstate 8 near Pine Valley; on Wildwood Glen Lane near Descanso; on Willows Road near Alpine; on Steele Canyon Road in Jamacha; on Central Avenue near Bonita; on Willow Road near Lakeside; and on Old River Road near Fallbrook.

The bridge repairs are one of five County of San Diego infrastructure projects funded by $9.6 million in TransNet funds, resulting from stimulus dollars awarded to SANDAG. Another one of the projects to upgrade aging storm drains was completed last month.