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State Auditor Launches New Website for Citizens Redistricting Commission

SACRAMENTO, CA – Yesterday, the California State Auditor introduced WeDrawTheLines.ca.gov as the official source for all information and questions pertaining to the independent Citizens Redistricting Commission (Commission). California voters authorized the creation of the Commission when they passed Proposition 11—also known as the Voters FIRST Act—last year.

“By setting up this Web site, WeDrawTheLines.ca.gov, we are making it easier for Californians to get involved in the process that they approved,” said Elaine M. Howle, California State Auditor. “This is the place to go on line to receive any and all information about the creation of the Commission, and I encourage all Californians to visit this site regularly."

WeDrawTheLines.ca.gov will be updated regularly to provide visitors with the most current and accurate information about the Commission. Voters can begin to apply Dec. 15, 2009. The application period ends Feb. 12, 2010. This Web site is the place to apply to serve on the Commission. In addition to providing consistent and frequent updates and facts, the site also includes details of the eligibility requirements and the application and selection process. Furthermore, voters can also use the site to receive notices via email or an RSS feed. “We expect this site to make the process smoother,” Howle said. “We know the prospective applicants will have lots of questions, and this is the place to get those answers quickly.”

Howle stresses that you don’t need to have internet access at home to apply. Public libraries provide access to the Web site for free. More partners are expected to offer free services in the future. “Public libraries across the state continue to be the public’s best source for free access to the Internet via our public computers and Wi-Fi.” said Sacramento Public Library Director Rivkah Sass. “We want to help the citizens of the state participate in the democratic process by helping them access the Citizens Redistricting Commission application Web site.”

The Voters FIRST Act changes how the districts are now drawn for the State Senate, Assembly, and Board of Equalization. It essentially transfers the responsibility to draw these lines from the legislature to this new 14-member Commission.