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San Diego Pride Contributes Greenery to Balboa Park

(SAN DIEGO) As part of its ongoing commitment to protect and enhance the environment, San Diego LGBT Pride recently held a tree-planting ceremony donating 10 Quercus suber (cork oak) trees to the west end of Balboa Park, just south of Upas Street between Sixth Avenue and Balboa Drive. It is the second year in a row that San Diego Pride has furnished the park with new flora, raising the donated number of trees to 20.

The latest trees, measuring eight to 10 feet tall, were planted by the Balboa Park Forestry crew, Pride staffers and Board Chair Philip Princetta, along with Balboa Park Grounds Maintenance Manager Michael Tully. They were purchased by Pride for $2,000.

"Reforestation of Balboa Park is a priority of the Pride Green program," said San Diego Pride Executive Director Ron deHarte. This specific evergreen tree was selected because one was recently lost in the area and the tree has a historical tie to the park. Kate Sessions, 'the Mother of Balboa Park' frequently planted cork oak trees. It is also a low-water tree, so it will fit in with the water conservation goals of Balboa Park and the City of San Diego."

The planting was made possible with funding from the Pride Green program and its sponsors Nutrisoda and Sempra Energy.

For more than three decades, San Diego Pride has been a tireless advocate for equality and diversity. Core programs focus on activism and awareness, community services, youth, the environment and HIV/AIDS supportive services. The organization also produces the annual parade and festival, which have grown from a small grass roots march for equal rights, into the largest equal rights events in San Diego County. San Diego Pride will host the Walk for Equality on April 17, the Equality Torch Relay on June 5 and the organization will celebrate its 36th anniversary on July 17 and 18, with a mile-long parade through Hillcrest and a festival in Balboa Park. The 2010 theme is "One Heart, One World, One Pride."

For more information about sponsorship and volunteer opportunities, call the Pride office at: 619-297-7683 or visit the web site: SanDiegoPride.org.