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Rabbis Back Condemning Same-Sex Marriage Politicians

(FLUSHING, N.Y.) PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Prominent rabbis in the New York City area backed measures to distance the Orthodox Jewish communities from public officials and candidates who support same-sex marriage, a recent survey found. A broad consensus of Rabbis surveyed acknowledged the need to correct the impression that Orthodox Jews were willing to turn a blind eye to the enactment of public laws they feel contradict the Torah, like the law allowing same-sex marriage.

The survey was conducted by Zeh Journal, an Orthodox-Jewish owned publication that tracks political and cultural issues from the Torah perspective.

“Marriage, as a man and woman united to be the father and mother to the next generation of children, is the fundamental building block of society,” said Dovid Z. Schwartz, editor of Zeh Journal. “The New York State Senate is currently considering a law to change the definition of marriage, a matter that is regarded by Orthodox Jews as a grave concern.

"Some of the most respected rabbis feel that our communities were smeared by the appearance that they were willing to accept same-sex marriage. It's broadly acknowledged that steps should be taken to distance the mainstream observant communities from the actions of politicians who support same-sex marriage."

On Monday November 9th, Schwartz wrote an open letter to NY state senators asking they hear the call to what he believes is a moral duty.

“The Almighty God forbids human beings from engaging in sexual immorality,” he wrote. “This is a universal moral prohibition, binding on all mankind at all times. Included among the relationships prohibited to all human beings is homosexual activity, along with others like adultery and incest. To reflect on a reason, we might say that these prohibited relationships misdirect the awesome drive of human desire and squander its life-giving power in activities that can never give rise to the birth of children in the stable context of the relationship between a husband and wife as father and mother.”

The New York state senate will vote on legalizing same-sex marriage before the year's end.