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Revolutionary DNA Study to be Conducted on Gays and Lesbians

(NEW YORK) /PRNewswire/ -- Is homosexuality a choice, or is it part of our biological makeup? In the last few decades the topic has raged around the world from dinner tables to courtrooms. There have been very few scientific studies dedicated to identifying whether there is "gay gene" or attempting to clarify a scientific standard in this debate.

The last major study was conducted 18 years ago by Harvard neuroscientist, Simon LeVay. His study involved research on the size of the hypothalamus as a determinant of sexual preference. In an effort to settle this debate, LGBT dating website Clicck.com has signed an exclusive agreement with GenePartner, one of the world's leading genetic testing companies, and is currently engaged in collecting and identifying the genetic patterns found in the DNA of LGBT men and women. This will be one of the first studies done on live subjects and will also more importantly focus on the most basic foundation of human biology, DNA.

Christopher Brian Ovide, CEO of Clicck parent company Cherub Media Ltd., has been driving this partnership: "Our hope is that there will be a positive correlation between the DNA of LGBTs with that of their heterosexual counterparts, much the same as that of LeVay's study, but if we find that is not the case we are prepared to continue the research and determine exactly what is the genetic basis for homosexuality." The two companies are quite confident that collaboration will result in a unique algorithm that proves once and for all that gay and lesbian individuals match along the same lines that straight individuals do.