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Students Protest Budget Cuts at SDSU

(SAN DIEGO) Students at San Diego State University (SDSU) Tuesday marched on campus chanting “No more cuts!” and “When they cut, we bleed!”. A diverse coalition of student organizations and campus departments joined together to march across the campus and rally in front of SDSU’s administration building, Manchester Hall. Participating groups included various academic colleges, the SDSU Art Department, and a student group called Revolution 102.

Associated Students (AS) president Tyler Boden enthusiastically joined into the rally and, using a megaphone, led the protesters in chants. Students from the art department built and set-up a mock coffin outside of Manchester Hall as a representation of the “death of higher education”. Over 600 ceramic skulls representing the SDSU lecturers who were laid-off, were also made and placed in front of Manchester Hall and inside of the coffin.

The goal of the day’s events was to show the California state government that cuts on higher education funding will no longer be tolerated. The Associated Students will host a Rally for Education on Monday, November 16. A march will begin at 11:50 a.m. from the Arts & Letters Building and end at the Aztec Center Steps, where a rally will be held. Student action tables will also be set-up in the Aztec Center on November 5, 9, 12.